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James Cannon Huber

James Huber’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Deal with BSA Inquiry

    Has your business ever received a Business Software Alliance Notice of Inquiry or Audit? Was your first thought is this a scam? Unfortunately, the letter is far from being a hoax, should definitely be

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  • Commercial Debt Collection California

    This guide provides businesses with a brief overview of how to collect agaisnt commercial debtors.

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  • DUI Checkpoint Rights

    Sobriety Checkpoint Rights What are Sobriety Checkpoints? A sobriety checkpoint is a public place at which law enforcement officers maintain a roadblock to detain motorists in order to determine whether the drivers are intoxicated.At a sobriety checkpoint, officers either stop ...

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  • How to Stop a Debt Collector from Contacting You

    If You Are Contact and Act Within the First Thirty Days Invoke your verification right by writing the debt collector a letter that requests that they verify the debt. Simply ask that they confirm th

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  • How To get a default judgment in California

    File a Complaint You must file a complaint that alleges your causes of actions. Make sure to include enough facts to put the other party on notice. File the complaint along with the appropriate fee

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  • How to Appeal your Criminal Conviction

    If you've recently been convicted of a criminal charge in California you are entitled to appeal your case based on any errors at the trial court. You must file a notice of appeal (CR-132 for misdemeanors) (CR-120 for felonies.) Your trial counsel should file the appeal for yo...

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  • Things to Remember if You're in a Personal Injury Case

    Top Tips 1. Do not speak to insurance adjusters or give any statements (other than to the police) before consulting with an attorney; 2. Do not sign any releases of information (medical or otherwise

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  • What to do if your house has mold

    Toxic Mold Toxic Mold What is Toxic Mold? Stachybotrys chartarum, or "black mold," is the fungus associated with "toxic mold syndrome." It grows in damp places on materials that contain cellulose s

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