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Myra Chack Fleischer

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  • Years Later I'm Still Dealing with Her Firms Errors

    2.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Afgter a long and complicated case, it became apparent that Ms. Fleischer and her firm weren't paying careful attention to my case. Not only did the final orders have errors that were missed (and filed with the Court), but now a few years later i'm getting stuck with large additional payments to my Ex that were not supposed to occur (since the final orders were not carefully reviewed). And when I shared my situatuion with her, instead of offering to underrstand and resolve the problem, she simply got defensive and claimed her firm did nothing wrong. I guess their firm's perfect?!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lonnie

    I would absolutely recommend Myra to anyone looking for top-notch legal service!. She has been invaluable to me and my family and she has been instrumental in helping me navigate a very complex custody battle. If you are looking for a pure professional....Myra is your Lawyer of Choice!!!!

  • I'm glad I found Myra!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Myra has been a great Attorney for me.... so glad I found her. I was looking for an Attorney that would sympathize with my unique situation and want to do a good job for me. A strong and knowledgeable Attorney that keeps the clients best interest in mind. Gets the job done without unnecessarily dragging it out.

  • Myra Fleischer: avoid this attorney at all costs!

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Based on my experience, stay away from Myra Fleischer!

    When I hired Ms. Fleischer's firm to represent me in my divorce, I was led to believe that the process would be handled efficiently and professionally. Due to a myriad of factors including delayed response times, numerous billing errors, and an unnecessary court appearance, I would NEVER recommend Myra Fleischer and her staff, and strongly advise you to stay away from her office.

    In addition to billing me for her own errors, Myra and her staff gave me no guidance whatsoever regarding the divorce process, and they seemed unaware of major events pertaining to my divorce. For example, when my husband and I arrived at an agreement regarding the disposition of the house we jointly owned, Myra and her staff failed on numerous occasions, and despite my reminders, to revise the Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) that would finalize the divorce. Myra did not seem interested in avoiding expensive court appearances that could easily have been avoided. On one occasion, she sent a member of her staff to a 5 minute meeting with a judge merely to postpone the meeting. This could have been done with a phone call. She did not even notify me of this meeting, and I was not aware that it had taken place, until I received a $412.50 bill for it. Every isolated sentence from her paralegal, Heather, cost me $39.00. For example, in response to a 1 sentence e-mail inquiry from me regarding the status of a revised MSA, her paralegal e-mailed "We are working on it." For this, I was billed $39.00. In fact, they had not done any work at all on the MSA and to this date, I have never received a revised version. This scenario was repeated several times for inquiries regarding various documents and meetings and I was charged $39.00 each time. In addition, per her standard contract with clients, Myra charges 5% of the entire bill for copying and postage. Thus, I was billed almost $500.00 for postage and copying that could not possibly have cost more than $50.00.

    After $8,000 and more than 1 year of my time, my ex and I are still not divorced. I have since had to transfer the case to outside paralegals as Myra and her staff are too incompetent and/or too uncaring to complete the divorce process.

    Myra Chack Fleischer’s response: “This client was given numerous no charges and could never be satisfied. We never appear in court without a reason which was explained many times over. Most divorces cost 10s of thousands of dollars. I think it is a testament to my office that this case cost $8,000 in a year or about $667 in billing a month and this client was given a completed Marital Agreement. While I understand that clients are going through the worst time in their lives when getting a divorce I felt it necessary to post this response when I was alerted to this comment given that I have helped more people than I can count who have been extremely happy with my services since 1997. Myra Chack Fleischer Certified Legal Specialist - Family Law”