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Myra Chack Fleischer

Myra Fleischer’s Legal Guides

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  • Baby boomers and 50 shades of gray divorce

    A greater percentage of long-term marriages are ending than ever before. Whats behind the rise in so-called gray divorces? Shades of gray seem to be red hot these days, including divorce. In my own family law practice, more clients than ever are seeking a divorce after a long-te...

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  • Custody battles over pets increasing during divorce

    Nearly three-quarters of U.S. households own pets. There are about 218 million pets in the United States, not counting several million pet fish. Americans spent approximately $61.4 billion in total on their pets in 2011. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are 70 m...

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  • College debts delaying marriage for grads

    Parents of proud college graduates shouldnt expect to see their kids walk down the aisle anytime soon. A survey by Harris Interactive conducted for the American Institute of CPAs found 15 percent of college graduates have postponed getting married due to their student loan payme...

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  • Cyber Pitfalls

    Email can be a weapon of mass destruction during a divorce or custodycase Assume not only that anything you write is public, but that the judge hearing your case will read it. Email, text messaging, and social media arefacts of modern life. They have many strengths: speed, conven...

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  • What’s in a name? Changing your name after divorce

    After getting divorced, many women face a reminder every day of their ex-husband: their last name. The vast majority of American women take their husbands surname when they get married. According to a 35-year-study in the journalSocial Behavior and Personality, women keeping the...

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  • Back to School Tips for Divorced Parents

    Sixty million American kids are heading back to school this fall. They are going to be excited, anxious, terrified, nervous, sad, happy – and so are their parents. But if you are a divorced parent, you have some new school related issues to deal with.

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