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Theodore S. Huang

About Theodore Huang

About me

Highly Recommended: 18 recommendations on LinkedIn, 34 5* reviews on Yelp. Unlike other attorneys, I work directly with my clients. I answer their questions and prepare their cases, not a paralegal. My clients have greatly appreciated my availability and work on their behalf. 

I limit my practice to U.S. immigration. I have assisted high net-worth individuals obtain a green card through investing in the USA (EB-5 category). I also assist companies in transferring their key personnel to the US through various available work visas such as L-1 and H-1B visas. For foreign technical workers seeking to work in the USA, I am available for consultations. Part of my practice includes helping families and couples reunite in the U.S. through various family-based immigration options. For companies struggling with I-9 employment eligibility compliance issues, I conduct workshops, draft employee handbooks, and conduct mock audits of I-9 forms. 

In family immigration, I have worked with US/foreign couples, undocumented individuals seeking DACA relief and adjustment of status, and have helped many families navigate their way through our country's complex immigration rules and regulations. 

In the past, I have also assisted physically and mentally disabled individuals who are unable to work seek benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

Part of my personal philosophy is to determine how I can help others through pro bono activities. To this end, I volunteered as the food manager for a local food bank in Los Angeles county from 2009 to 2011. On 7/16/12 I did motivational speaking for a youth conference in Los Angeles. I have also conducted free Deferred Action workshops for the community.