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Valerie Sue Lopez

Valerie Lopez’s reviews

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Review Valerie Lopez

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I've never given an on line review, but people need to know just how good this attorney truly is. Everything she says is spot on! She represented my husband in a heavy medical marijuana case with the possibility of deportation (he's from the UK). Valerie is very educated on medical marijuana. There were other attorneys defending other defendants in this matter that were constantly being scolded by the judge, wearing their fancy suits, but really didn't know the laws. Valerie looked like a shining star! Everything played out exactly as she said it would, she constantly kept us informed, showed up for every hearing and was never late. She ALWAYS answered our calls and sometimes it was just for a little "hand holding" or reassurance. She was vigilant about trying to work with the other defense attorneys, even though they refused to work with her. I'm so glad she didn't depend on them for anything and forged forward with her own defense. She doesn't judge and will make you feel like she's a regular Joe, but she's actually a bad ass attorney. In the end, she was able to negotiate with the DA for exactly what we wanted. Be aware when selecting an attorney that some will over charge and try to act like they are the all knowing, when in actuality they don't have a clue and can railroad you! With Valerie you can feel confident she will have your best interest and is able to produce!!

  • MMJ Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Valerie got my cased dropped completely, she worked very hard on my case for a year and a half and always kept me notified about anything i needed to and should know. Very knowlegeable and hardworking, i could always depend on her to be there for me. She never talked down to me, made me feel safe, and she also has a great personality which makes it very easy to talk to her. Thanks Val

  • Valerie Lopez is the best attorney I've ever hired.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    In my profession (forensic CPA), lawyers are my clients and I have worked with hundreds of them. When it came time for me to hire a criminal attorney, I interviewed several before making a decision. Valerie Lopez was by far the most impressive during this process. Valerie was conscientious about all aspects of my case (e.g. how it might affect family court issues) and an excellent listener.
    She was extremely professional, well organized and communicated ideas, thought processes and developments in my criminal case in a timely and easy to understand manner.
    Valerie has great court presence and the ability to work with the prosecution and the judge so that they clearly understand the issues in a light more favorable to her clients. I also hired Valerie because she has the ability to connect with so many different types of people. This is an extremely important skill when it comes to a jury trial.
    Fortunately, Valerie did such a tremendous job in preparing for trial that I was offered a great deal. Up until the trial, I was offered 2 years in the state penitentiary. Once the DA received our pretrial motions, witness list and evidence, they offered no jail time and 3 years probation. Without a doubt, it was Valerie’s hard work and communication skills that won that deal.
    Further, let it be known that Valerie was very passionate about my innocence and was extremely upset that I had to take the deal. [Given the particulars of my case, this was the best decision I could have made.] She isn’t one of those attorneys that always try to settle cases. SHE ISN’T TOO FRIENDLY WITH THE PROSECUTION.
    In addition, Valerie has a great rapport with her colleagues. In preparing for trial, she recruited the help of a fellow attorney/friend. Together, they put in several days preparing for trial. She paid him out of her own pocket. My point is that Valerie was more concerned with doing the best job possible for me than she was about making a dollar.
    After my case was settled, Valerie has offered to appear in my family court to explain the particulars of the disposition in my criminal case. This is evidence, once again, that she truly cares.
    Valerie Lopez is an up and coming attorney, hungry to prove herself as one of the best. I recommend her with the highest regards possible. If anyone wants to speak with me about her performance in more detail, you can reach me at my personal cell number: (562) 787-5467. My name is James