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Keith A Davidson

Keith Davidson’s Legal Guides

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  • Business Continuity Planning -- How a business can survive when it’s not business as usual.

    What happens when a business owner tragically dies or suffers a sudden incapacity and there is no one named to succeed him in control of the business? The utility bills, employee payroll, vendors, and a myriad of other expenses, will not be paid, and cannot be paid until an autho...

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  • Why Asset Protection Planning Is Not As Great As You Might Think.

    At times, some people become so overly focused on asset protection that they practically throw the baby out with the bathwater to achieve the perceived goal of asset protection. It is a perceived goal rather than an actual goal because so many of the so-called asset protection ve...

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  • How to Start a Probate in California

    This guide will discuss the steps in filling out a Petition for Probate and discuss the other documents that should be filed along with the initial Petition for Probate. You need to have a California Petition for Probate (Form DE-111) in front of you as you read this guide.

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