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People v. R.H. (Sexual Battery)

Case Conclusion Date: 01.31.2014

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Acquittal of all charges

Description:  Defendant, who was a 25 year-old male was accused of fondling the genitals of a 16-year old boy. The defendant was interrogated by the police for an hour after waiving his Miranda rights and admitted to touching the boy, admitted that it was skin to skin contact, admitted he didn’t know why he did it but said he was ashamed and that he screwed up. The interrogation was videotaped. He then wrote a letter to the boy apologizing for touching him inappropriately and saying he would regret it for the rest of his life. If defendant was convicted of this charge, he would have to register as a sex offender for life. The alleged victim testified to what happened and the videotaped interrogation and apology letter were both admitted into evidence. After closing arguments in a 3-day jury trial, the jury only deliberated for an hour before returning with a not guilty verdict on the sexual battery and a not guilty verdict on the lessor charge of simple battery. After the trial, the female jury foreperson hugged the defendant, apologized to him for the ordeal he’s been through with this trial and complained that the DA’s office should never have prosecuted this case in the first place.

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