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Premises Liability

Case Conclusion Date: 12.20.2011

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Settlement: $475,000.00

Description: Plaintiff, a 37 year-old waitress with an unstable employment history, and mother of three, was on her way to visit a friend at an apartment complex located in Beaumont, California. It had been raining since the day before and the irrigation system for the apartment complex had not been shut off during heavy periods of rain. The drainage system had also not been working properly for some time. As a result, many of the pathways of ingress and egress within the apartment complex were plagued with some degree of standing water. The management company and the landscape maintenance company had been made aware of these issues and failed to properly correct the problems. The specific pathways blocking Plaintiff’s path to her friend’s home was flooded with standing water causing Plaintiff to walk on the adjacent grass to avoid the flooded pathway, which unbeknownst to Plaintiff was saturated with water. After Plaintiff took a few steps on the grass, her foot suddenly sank deep into the excessively saturated and muddy grass which caused her body to twist, fall back and fracture her ankle. We filed a lawsuit against the owners of the apartment complex, Beaumont Investors, LLC; the managment company, Lend Lease Apartment Management; and the landscape maintenance company, True Green Land Care, Inc. Extensive investigation and discovery was conducted. My office completed over one dozen depositions including those of tenants, representatives of the real estate management company, and employees of the landscape maintenance company. The case ultimately settled for $475,000.00.

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