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Premises Liability

Case Conclusion Date: 06.15.2010

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Settlement: $600,000.00

Description: Plaintiff a 49 year-old single mother of three employed by a Real Estate Development firm had taken her twelve year old daughter to attend an intramural basketball practice for her daughter’s summer league, which was held at a public school within the Los Angeles Unified School District. Once in the gymnasium, Plaintiff left the gym to relocate her car to a parking area that was closer to the gymnasium. As Plaintiff left the gymnasium, she followed a dimly lit path walking in the direction of what she believed was the parking lot where she had left her vehicle. There were no lit pathways of ingress and egress; and no written materials had been disseminated to the parents or the participants in the youth basketball league providing this information. Plaintiff was on the campus grounds and unfamiliar with the campus sidewalk and street thus the differences in depth between the raised sidewalk and the campus driveway were difficult to discern because of the dimly lit pathway. As Plaintiff continued walking towards the location of her vehicle, she stepped off the sidewalk and onto the driveway. The differences in height were concealed by the darkness of the night causing Plaintiff to fall off of the raised curb and suffer a severely fractured left ankle and a fractured right foot. Plaintiff lost time from work to recover from her injuries. My office was retained by the client after a prior lawyer who handled the case for a short period of time had recommended a settlement for $100,000.00. My office hired a lighting expert to address issues of inadequate lighting and conducted extensive discovery by taking the depositions of numerous District employees. The case settled just before trial for $600,000.00.

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