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Diana Lucia Martinez

About Diana Martinez

About me

Family Lawyer & Mediator

Since 2007, Ms. Martinez has dedicated her practice 100% to out of court resolutions for couples and families transitioning through divorce and separation. Having practiced in family law since 1998, Ms. Martinez has seen the hardships, destruction, and pain of contested divorces and separations in the court system, and understands from personal and professional expeirence the defficiencies of the family court system. Family matters should be handled first by the families themselves, not some random stranger in a black robe. Only when the family is unable to resolve for themselves, should a judge make decisions for them. Who best knows your children? YOU. Who best knows your financial goals and concerns? YOU. Who should have a voice in your financial and family future? YOU. Ms. Martinez and her professional resources work to empower people to make informed and well-reasoned decisions in their divorce or separation.

Divorce Workshops

Educating the public on out-of-court (alternate) dispute resolution processes is a top priority for Ms. Martinez.  She is a regular guest lecturer at "Divorce Options", a monthly workshop where participants hear from legal, financial, and marriage & family therapy professionals on the topics of divorce litigation, mediation, collaboration, self help, custody, support, working with a difficult spouse, retirement plans, real estate, short sales, and much much more.  Call for more information or register online at

Ms. Marinez is also a frequest guest lecturer at several churches during their Divorce Care programs, helping participants find a peaceful way to resolve their divorces. Call your local Divorce Care provider for more information.

 Practice Focus

Diana L. Martinez, founder of West Coast Mediation, Inc., provides collaborative divorce and mediation services in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange and San Diego counties. After over 9 years of litigating disputes, she now devotes 100% of her practice to out-of-court dispute resolution, both in English and Spanish. As a mother, Ms. Martinez places a premium on family.  This is the driving force behind her professional services: to maintain and promote the welfare of the family through difficult changes.  Divorce may be inevitable; how you handle it, is not.  The question is, "what do you want for your family?"



Ms. Martinez is also dedicated to educating and training professionals in the fields of collaborative divorce, mediation, and cultural complexities in family law. She is a national speaker on these topics, and is a trainer, coach, and observer for professionals and students wishing to enter these fields of practice.


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