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Maurice Newman’s reviews

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  • Simply Masterful in Handling my Appeal with Administrative Law Judge

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sergio

    My former employer was alleging all kinds of misconduct against me in hopes of preventing me from receiving my benefits. My attorney took apart their story piece by piece and saved me from being unjustly accused of wrong-doing. My former employer is a big time corporation with many layers of human resource personnel who can make anyone look bad without batting an eye. My attorney's skill in cross-examining these people was like watching a dog putting its tail between its legs, literally making them walk back their false accusations and half-truths. Justice was served and I was so happy to get the benefits I desperately needed. I was fully prepped before my hearing and like clockwork I was prepared and knew what to anticipate... except I was not prepared for how pleasantly surprised I would be by my attorney's skill in tearing apart my employer -- that was the icing on the cake!!

  • Thank you for you help!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeffrey

    I had a big problem with a Real Estate matter. I met with Mr. Newman and he kept me informed all the way to the end of the problem. He explained we would work as a team. I provided him the evidence or as he called it the bullets to fill the gun and together we brought down the defendant. I would use Mr. Newman for any matter at all. He returned my telephone calls and when he was out of the office wrote to me via emails. I won my case and we worked well as a team. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a good and responsive attorney.

  • Maurice Newman has all the warning signs of a problem attorney. Don't hire him if you want a capable lawyer representing you.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Survivor

    I met Maurice Newman last year. I hired and fired him because I quickly discovered he doesn't understand how to organize and deliver case strategies or do the right steps to protect and represent the client. I was organized and delivered important evidence proving that I had paid the landlord on time in the full amount written in the contract. My evidence was documented and complete. The landlord was threatening to throw me out of my apartment and ruin my credit. I received threatening phone calls and letters. Newman did nothing that a smart and capable attorney would do. He ignored my evidence. He ignored my case. What I got from him were strange e-mails where he put blame on me for not cooperating with him by refusing to give him evidence he asked for. It was crazy talk and creepy, creepy, creepy. Nothing like that happened. He continued to send e-mails like that and then stopped. It was crazy and made no sense.

    I got another attorney as quickly as possible. My new attorney said if I had kept him as my attorney even a few days more and the damage to me would have been terrible and very expensive to fix. My new attorney won my case with the same evidence Maurice Newman ignored. I reported him to the California Bar Association. They couldn't do anything about Maurice Newman because I changed attorneys before he did something bad on my case that would get him disbarred.

    I warn anyone considering hiring Maurice Newman not to hire him. You don't see a complaint on his lawyer record but it doesn't mean he should be trusted to handle your case. At first meeting he seemed ok so don't get fooled by his first talk. Things fall apart and go crazy after he gets you to sign a contract.