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Jack Joseph Gold

About Jack Gold

About me

Amongst the various interests I have is my lifelong love for Latin Music, Salsa. Latin Jazz. I play conga's and have produced 3 CD's which are available on Along with my Criminal Law background and Juvenile Law background, I have acquired a fairly comprehensive working knowledge of the music industry, laws and the bs that surrounds it..... You can watch my friend Scheila Gonzales and her fabulous sax solo on TV. she plays regularly with the Zappa Band. I have many clients from the Industry. I am also writing a mystery novel which utilizes many characters that may have resemblance to characters living and dead throughout my career all of which is purely coincidental.


Amongst the loves of my life are my wife and my adopted rescue mutt Lucy who we have had since she was 3 months old, check out her picture above.

Photos and Videos

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