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Ronald Jeffrey Tasoff

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  • If an inmate is a US citizen can he have an INS hold?

    what options do we have to help inmate stay in the US after serving incarceration sentence

    Ronald’s Answer

    Does ICE know he is a U.S. citizen?

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  • Can I get a new J1 stamp in Mexico or Canada?

    Hi I just get my J1 visa renewed (new DS2019) but I would like to get a new stamp in order to travel outside the US but without having to go back to my country (France). Can I do that in Mexico or Canada?

    Ronald’s Answer

    Go to the Post's website and see what their policy is regarding 3rd country nationals. Also, check backlog times to get niv appointments.

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  • I want to apply for H-1B as a computer programmer. The Job Zone is 4 but the Education and Training Code is now "no level set".

    I want to apply for H-1B as a computer programmer. The Job Zone is 4 but the Education and Training Code is now "no level set". Is this going to be a problem? I remember before tech positions had an education and training code as "Bachelors".

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    It wont be a problem.

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  • Out of status f1 visa

    My visa got terminated last semester and I wont deport myself voluntarily since my family is here. How long would it take for me to get deported? Should I withdraw all my money from the bank and stop using the bank? Is there anyway for me to obtai...

    Ronald’s Answer

    You need to see a qualified immigration lawyer as soon as possible.

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  • What kind of a visa would be required to be a CEO and partner in a new startup company?

    An entrepreneur in the US wants to startup a new IT consulting company and wants me to be the CEO and partner in the company. The entrepreneur already has a separate established IT business in the US. As a foreign national residing outside of the ...

    Ronald’s Answer

    Startups are challenging - unless there's a lot of financial backing.

    You really need to do this right. If you screw up you can make it very difficult for yourself to get a visa in the future.

    There are many factors to consider.

    Many, I'm sure you would not want to post on a public site.

    Spend the bucks and get a qualified immigration lawyer instead of asking for fee advice on a public website!

    Probably I'll get in trouble for saying that. (I don't mind giving fee advice to people who probably don't have the money to hire a lawyer, but when you use the word "entrepreneur" I assume you mean someone who is in the business world and knows the value of a good lawyer (especially in the IT business world).

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  • How often should a lawyer or paralegal be available to their clients?

    My wife and I got our I-130 petition approved. She is the petitioner and I am the beneficiary. She signed a contract to have a lawyer help us with our case. I believe a paralegal prepared the contract and had my wife sign it along with a deposit. ...

    Ronald’s Answer

    If you do not receive a response after sending the lawyer or law firm a letter by certified mail requesting a status update on your case "within 2 weeks time" then you may want to contact a local bar association or the State Bar and file a complaint. It is important that you document it in writing. If you do not feel your relationship with your lawyer is satisfactory you may want to change lawyers. One bit of caution, you get what you pay for.

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  • Why are there so many people who have just applied on january and have already been approved for DACA?

    I sent my application on october 22, I did my biometrics on november 13 (walk in) with the letter of course, it's been 4 months and still have not heard a thing.

    Ronald’s Answer

    Not sure but in "immigration time" 3 months is like a day!
    I have cases filed back in September and were still waiting.
    Just today I saw a memo from CIS stating they were transferring many DACA cases from the Calif. Service Center to the Texas Service Center
    Maybe thats a clue!!!!

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  • Can Immigration deport me even when my legal status is pending or in process?

    My status is pending and I have only two years just waiting. Can I travel in the United States? I live in CA but I will like to travel to AZ,but I m not sure how risky it can be.

    Ronald’s Answer

    Not sure what "legal status pending " means - (waiting for a quota number????), but subject to ICE policy guidelines you are removable ("deportable") and can a will be deported if you commit even "minor" crimes (dui, possession of marijuana, etc.). Immigration laws are not fair. If your here in undocumented status don't take unnecessary risks. More people have been deported in the last few years than ever before.

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  • Can I file both a H1 and an OPT extension? I wanted to do this since I am unsure of my H1 getting approved.

    Hello, I am a masters graduate, my 29 months OPT period started June 2012. I am planning to file a H1 this in april, but am unsure of the chances of approval. Therefore I was thinking to file an OPT extension as well. Can I do both?

    Ronald’s Answer

    Yes you can - and if you can afford it - you should.
    The H-1B petition should filed a.s.a.p.
    Given the filing fees involved in the H-1 petition you should see a qualified immigration lawyer immediately. I'm sure you would go see a doctor if your well being for the next 6 years depended on it.

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  • I was approved for a green card but left the US can I continue with the process?

    My dad petitioned me in 2001 I received the notice in 2003 and left voluntarily the US in 2005. My dad is a Citizen, the status of the petition is Post Decision. I live in Tijuana, Mexico. Is there a way I can continue with the process, or is it l...

    Ronald’s Answer

    Need to know more. Assuming you are over 21 you are either under the Family Based 1st Preference (if unmarred) or 3rd if married and there is a "quota" that control when you will be eligible to obtain an "immigrant visa" (green card). However if you lived illegally in the U.S. for over 180 days you will need to get a waiver (and that was the only time you were in the U.S. illegally). This is a complex case and you should see a qualified immigration lawyer (you can do it by telephone).

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