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James David Pacitti

About James Pacitti

About me

I aggressively represent citizens in claims against insurance companies, corporations and the government.  I have successfully helped thousands of people recover millions of dollars over a 20-year career.  I represent car, truck, and motorcycle accident victims, disabled veterans, consumers being harassed by debt collectors and employees whose rights have been violated.  I have litigated hundreds of cases in both state and federal court in California, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania. 


For most of my career, I have battled the corporate and governmental Goliaths on behalf of citizens.  Accident victims, personal injury claimants, disabled veterans, distressed homeowners and indebted consumers are amongst the thousands of people I have proudly helped to recover the compensation they deserved. 


I was born and raised in Philadelphia in an Italian family, so it’s not surprising that I love to argue.  My parents taught me about hard work and integrity and my neighborhood taught me how to stand up to bullies.  These are lessons that have served me throughout my legal career. 


As much I loved my hometown of Philadelphia, I needed to explore and went to college in Boston at Northeastern and law school in New York City at Fordham University School of Law.  Though I enjoyed living in New York, I returned to Philadelphia and initially worked at Safeguard Scientifics, a dynamic company that was the only publicly traded venture capital firm at the time.  However, I did not find corporate securities and finance very compelling, so I made a sharp career turn and joined the Public Defender's Office.  As an assistant public defender, I got my first taste of trial work and loved it. 


Working as a public defender set the tone for the rest of my career: fighting for the underdog.  After four years as a public defender in Pennsylvania and Florida, I moved to civil practice.  I initially worked at an insurance defense firm, but I quickly realized that helping insurance companies deny benefits to citizens was not for me.  I left after only nine months and joined the largest consumer protection law firm in the country, Morgan, Colling & Gilbert (now Morgan & Morgan) in Orlando, Florida.


While at Morgan & Morgan, I handled thousands of cases against insurance companies and large corporations on behalf of injured and aggrieved clients.  I was at the forefront of the firm's effort to assist homeowners whose houses were damaged or destroyed by the rash of hurricanes that struck Florida in 2004.  After enduring the wrath of Mother Nature, these clients had to endure insurance companies wrongfully withholding the money needed to fix their homes.  Though at times overwhelming, representing these clients was amongst my proudest moments as lawyer. 


In addition to litigating against insurance companies, I also handled personal injury claims from car accidents and premises liability to nursing home abuse and toxic tort litigation.  Many of these cases were against large corporations who vigorously fought our clients' claims, despite the obvious merit.  One such case took nearly six years and two appeals before finally resolving.  These experiences showed me the lengths that some companies will go to deny victims of their conduct and the importance of having lawyers that will hold these companies accountable.


Since relocating to California, I have continued to represent car, truck and motorcycle accident victims and citizens denied their rights by insurance companies and large corporations.  I also represent veterans who have been denied service connected disability benefits by the Veterans Administration.  No citizen sacrifices more for this country than our veterans and once I discovered the disgraceful manner that our government treats these men and women, I felt compelled to help. 


My practice includes both state and federal court.  In addition to California, I am still licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, New York and Florida and admitted to practice 12 federal district courts as well as the Court of Appeal for Veterans Claims.