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Loudon v. St. Joseph Hospital of Orange

Case Conclusion Date: 05.31.2007

Practice Area: Lawsuits and disputes

Outcome: Partiial defense verdict in favor of our client.

Description: Plaintiff was a patient molested by a nurse. Nurse had previously worked at client's hospital with prior complaints made. We defended the hospital on the grounds the hospital was unable to verify the nature of the complaints made and would never knowingly harbor a molester. Plaintiff asked for $6 million in damages. Jury held our client was not liable for fraud and not subject to punitive damages. Client was held liable for negligently failing to call the police, but the jury held our client was only responsible for 10% of the plaintiff's damages (the jury awarded plaintiff total damages of $500,000). Trial was 14 days long and involved a 3 day jury deliberation.

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