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Michael Raymond Daymude

Michael Daymude’s Legal Guides

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  • Have you been served? Do these things in this order.

    1. Note when you were served. On a separate sheet of paper note the date, time, and place you were served along with any other details regarding the service you feel are important. DO NOT write on the summons or complaint, highlight portions of the complaint, or mark or write on...

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  • Bankruptcy and Your Inheritance

    How an inheritance will affect your bankruptcy depends on: 1) timing; 2) your Chapter filing; and 3) the amount and nature of the inheritance. In Chapter 7 liquidation cases there is a 180 day rule. If you are to receive an inheritance from a decedent who died within 180 days p...

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  • California's Deficiency Statutes Summarized

    The increase in foreclosure and short sales in recent years has sparked some new legislation which expands Californias anti-deficiency laws. Californias present and impending anti-deficiency statutes, all contained in the Code of Civil Procedure, are summarized below. Section 5...

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  • Promissory Note Statute of Limitations: 6 Years

    What is the statute of limitations for an action on a promissory note? The statute of limitations for an action upon any contract, obligation or liability founded upon an instrument in writing, i.e., a promissory note, is four years. Code of Civil Procedure section 337. When a...

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