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Lloyd Stewart Mann

About Lloyd Mann

About me

A San Fernando Valley-native, Mr. Mann received his Bachelors degree from the University of Southern California in 1979, and subsequently earned his Juris Doctorate in 1982.  As a law student, Mr. Mann acheived significant academic success, and was also a member of the Trial Advocacy Team.


Prior to co-founding Mann & Zarpas, Mr. Mann was an attorney with a law firm, which at the time, was the largest law firm in the San Fernando Valley. At that firm, Mr. Mann was the Director of the litigation section of the firm's business department, and was also one of the founders of that firm's San Gabriel Valley office. This leadership role, where Mr. Mann mentored younger attorneys, and guided them through numerous trials, provided Mr. Mann with extensive and priceless knowledge & expertise in the field of civil litigation. In Mr. Mann's first jury trial ever, he obtained a large seven figure judgment, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in punitive damages.  The trial court Judge commented after the case that he had never seen a case where who the lawyer for a particular party was mattered as much, and contributed to victory, to such a degree as with the case of Mr. Mann and his client. The case was subsequently affirmed at the Court of Appeal level, and is viewed by many as a prime example of how to build a breach of fiduciary duty and fraud case, and how to present such a case to a jury. 


When Mr. Mann and his partner, also from the large San Fernando Valley firm, founded Mann & Zarpas, most of the business and litigation clients in the business department followed Mr. Mann and his client to the new firm of Mann & Zarpas, which is now 13 years old, and was  listed in the top 30 law firms by the Los Angeles Business Journal.  


After 30 years of practicing law, Mr. Mann strongly believes that there is a legal answer to every question, but also a practical response.  It is the practical response that requires an experienced practitioner, and only someone with substantial experience can help a client obtain the best possible result for the least amount of money and resources.  

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