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Aurora Dawn Harris

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  • I got a notice of involuntary lien against my property. the attorney never sent me a notice of court hearing. what can i do?

    being sued for a credit card debt, try to make payments, but reaarange to make smaal payments because i am the only one working in my family, but the lawyer wanted all the money at once. he stopped sending me letters, and i just got a involuntary ...

    Aurora’s Answer

    You need to go straight down to your local court house and look up the case against you. Get copies of any paperwork there that you have not seen. It is especially important to get a copy of the alleged "proof of service"-- the document filed with the court stating you were legally served. Examine it to see if it is accurate-- that is that the address is correct and whether you got the papers in the manner they claim. I am seeing many incidents of false service,(also called "sewer service") in Southern California. As soon as you find out about it ---You need to see a lawyer right away about the possibility of asking the court to vacate any secret default taken against you.

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