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Pezhman Christopher Ardalan

Pezhman Ardalan’s Legal Guides

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  • Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection

    All throughout the nation, the unfortunate circumstance of domestic violence occurs on a regular basis. Legal action can be taken to prevent and stop these disheartening events from taking place. Learn more about domestic violence and protective orders here. Although most inciden...

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  • Motorcycle Safety & Prevention of Accidents

    Motorcycle safety is one of the most important and highly advocated aspects of riding a motorcycle. Continue reading to learn more about how you can practice safe motorcycle riding habits and prevent future accidents. If you own a motorcycle, you understand that this potentially ...

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  • Common Effects of Juvenile Crimes

    Every day, juveniles and underage minors throughout the nation are charged with criminal offenses ranging from driving under the influence to drug offenses to crimes of theft. If your child was charged with an underage offense, it is immediately important for you to understand ho...

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  • Understanding the Juvenile Court System

    When it comes to matters of the law and the criminal courts that address these matters, the same set of standards do not exist for juvenile delinquents as for adult offenders. In fact, in most instances juvenile cases are tried in a completely separate court system than that of t...

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