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Jeffrey Manuel Sydney

Jeffrey Sydney’s reviews

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  • Robyn Leigh

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robyn

    Estate planning is not anything one looks forward to doing. I consulted with Jeff after the death of my husband . I was very fearful of the process after having had a very bad experience with another firm and ended up with a trust which amounted to nothing. Jeff walked me and my family through the entire process and we all felt much more knowledgeable and a lot better off after it was completed.
    We now have a great ,organized ,complete and comprehensive trust which will help me and my family in the future. I want to thank Jeff Sydney and his entire staff for their efficiency, help, trust and patience in taking us through this process and making it very clear ,comprehensible and painless. I sleep a lot better now!

    Hired attorney
  • Estate Planning Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Randy

    Jeff is an incredible attorney who was very helpful to my wife and I for estate planning. We have used him twice, originally when our children were younger and more recently as they have gotten older and as our estate needs have changed. His office is efficient, thorough and organized in very complex issues and he is able to explain things thoroughly, bringing comfort and expertise to the process.

  • Updating an Estate Plan

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    After many years of delaying the updating our our living trust, my wife and I contacted Jeffrey Sydney in his Woodland Hills, California office. After a brief discussion with a staff person, we were sent a very detailed and complete package of forms to complete prior to our first meeting.

    When we met Jeff Sydney and his staff, we were very impressed and felt confident that we chose the right attorney. Our Estate Plan was updated to our satisfaction after three meetings, and was very professionally handled by Jeff and his support staff. We found his fees to be very competitive, and we would not hesitate to recommend his office to any of our friends and associates,

  • Above and Beyond...That is just who Jeff Sydney is!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Going above and beyond and doing what's necessary to make sure that a dying woman's plan was set up exactly the way it should be in order for her wishes to be carried out exemplifies the type of Lawyer and man that Jeff Sydney is. He didn't have to travel 3 hours and make a house call to make sure all documents were in place, no one really expected him to do it. Yet because of his commitment to his clients and his strong fiduciary sense of obligation it was not even a question. She was not able to travel to him, so he went to her. As a result of his expeditious manner this woman's estate was properly titled and her beneficiaries were named so that costly probate was avoided. Her beneficiaries were also thrilled knowing that their moms estate was preserved and not ravaged through the courts.
    Jeff's expertise and vast knowledge of the law grants him the special privilege of being called a trusted advisor. All that would be so lucky to have one of his customized plans will find out how thorough and detailed the documents are. However, before the plans are drawn up, a thorough discovery takes place unlocking the goals and desires of his client s wishes. Armed with this information he then employs his vast resource of experience in developing a legal document that he fully explains so that even the lay person comes away with knowledge that all is well and compliant with the law. This gives them peace of mind knowing that they have taken the steps necessary to effectively maximize all benefits that the law provides.
    Knowledge, skill, caring... all the right ingredients that make Jeff a top choice for estate and tax planning!

  • Review Jeffrey Manuel Sidney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by InSoon

    Jeffrey Manuel Sydney has an outstanding law firm.
    He is an outstanding attorney and has a formal regular seminar for the clients and for every one
    about the current important issues. He explains all his materials in a way every one could
    understand. All of his staffs perform outstanding service to all the clients with their best efforts.
    Specially, Tina Tseng, as service manager, represents the Sidney Law firm in perfect manner.
    I am really happy that I have them as my attorney.

  • Jeff Sydney is amazing!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Jeff rewrote and restructured my wife and my living trust, which hadn't been touched in 15 years. He was very knowledgeable about how the laws had changed and was very clear in his ability to explain it all to us. He was warm and compassionate in talking about unpleasant eventualities (death, disability) and handled the entire process with charm and professionalism.

  • Excellent Estate Planning Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Julia Nickerson

    I've known Jeff through a number of professional organizations and also through work we have conducted via mutual clients. Jeff is of the utmost integrity and possesses a wealth of knowledge in the area of estate planning. I highly endorse Jeff and his practice and recommend him to those individuals in his area seeking quality legal services.

  • Wonderful experience with Jeffrey and his staff!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Erin

    I had my will and living trust done by Jeffrey Sydney and his firm, and am very pleased with my experience. Jeff really took the time and care to get to know me and understand "what makes me tick" in the initial meeting so that he and his team could make informed decisions while putting my documents together. The result was an efficient second meeting to finalize and sign the documents.

    Between my first and second meetings, I corresponded via email with Jeff's associate, Christine, who was very responsive.

    Last but not least, the Tina, who handles client services, conducts herself very professionally and I was impressed by her thoroughness when I first called the firm, as well as with her telephone demeanor (I have hired and managed a lot of front office staff in my career).

  • Bad documentation

    1.0 star

    Posted by Shanlu

    In October 2007 we attended his free dinner sales presentation at the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills California and we hired him right away to do our living trust. Once his was hired, the documents generated by his office had numerous mistakes including many typing errors. It became our job to tell his staff what to do. Because of this, Mr. Sydney got angry at us. Finally they had to redo the whole thing. Later we noticed in the 3+ years we were clients that he had 3 paralegals come and go under his watch (and his assistants too but I can't recall if they changed beyond just once). And his practice is/was just 3 people: himself, a paralegal and an assistant. All leaving abruptly. All requiring us to re-explain and re-do paperwork. I won't speculate why, but I think it impacts the quality of work and service. Since we were required to prepaid the service, so we had to let his staff work on our trust. Mr. Sydney seemed to know what he was doing but not his staff. By the way, we kept all the inaccurate documents with the mistakes for reference if needed.

  • Administered our trust incorrectly causing negative tax implications

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Trusts client

    I had a horrible experience with this attorney. In short, Mr. Sydney administered my parents trust incorrectly causing me/my family unnecessary expense, negative tax implications, and severely limited our ability to liquidate/use assets in our survivors trust. In plain English, he messed up our trust. BADLY. I question Mr. Sydney's ability to customize a trust for specific needs. I suspect he applies the same cookie cutter approach to every trust he creates & administers - whether or not it suits the family's trust and financial situation. Our wealth manager had even questioned why Mr. Sydney was setting things up the way he was. We should have listened to our wealth manager; instead we assumed Mr. Sydney knew what he was doing. Turns out, he does not.