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Andrew Stephen Roberts

Andrew Roberts’s Legal Guides

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  • How To Act When Pulled Over By Police

    Be Calm If you should suddenly see the flashing lights behind you, remain calm. Pull over when it is safe for both you and the officer. Panicking and making sudden turns can be both dangerous to your

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  • Things To Remember If You Pulled Over For A DUI

    If you are over 21 DO Not TAKE the HAND-HELD BREATHALYZER TEST If you are over 21, do not take the breathalyzer hand-held device. You are not required to by law and they can be used against you. Do n

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  • Why You Must Fight A Traffic Ticket

    HOW YOU CAN FIGHT A TRAFFIC TICKET Getting a ticket for a moving violation will cause massive headaches and ruin your day. A traffic ticket leaves consequences with potentially far reaching effects.

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