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David Edward Rickett

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  • WIN for an International Move Away Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken

    As a FATHER and custodian of my children, I sought legal assistance from David for a highly-contested, post-judgment, INTERNATIONAL move-away case. Not only did he ensure a win, but following his advice led to the opposing side settling hours before the final court appearance.

    David and his staff were extremely professional, highly-skilled, and courteous throughout the entire process. I cannot say enough good things about David, his law firm, and the staff. I HIGHLY recommend David to anyone facing custody issues!

    Hired attorney
  • I LOVE THIS GUY! Great Bargon

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    David Rickett is the man! I'd been shopping looking to find a divorce for less money and wasn't having much luck. But when my wife came home to show me the deal she found with Mr. Rickett really shocked me. I was in my kitchen with our youngest child when Mr Ricketts process server entered my home unanounced. Serving me emergency savings. We're over $60,000. Bucks with advice minus a home that would been payed off in 4 years. Minus my carrier, pension Medical with his GREAT REPRESENTATION and DIRECTION. I thought I was the only one looking out for my wife's best intrests. " So Far I've Agreed To Everything David Rickett Request's. He continues to show his intentions and actions are to his benefit Not to any benefit of the clients. What a baron my wife found with The ReapRickett Lawfirm

  • Should have read reviews prior to retaining him

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mary

    Mr. Rickett handled a divorce for me in 2010. At the time and to this day I have a mental illness severe enough to have been approved for permanent disability within 3 weeks of my application!! Mr.Rickett was aware of this. I had no business going in there by myself. Half the information I didn't understand, half I forgot pretty quickly. I always thought a lawyer was supposed to act in your best interest. He most certainly did not!! What I am most upset and angry about is the fact that Mr. Rickett approved and let me sign the final documents wherein I gave up my rights to my ex-husbands deferred compensation plan. This is earned income! We were married for 36 years and he put money into this account for almost the entire length of our marriage. Yet, I signed it away - I didn't realize what I was doing and now it appears I am screwed. I'm sure my ex jumped for joy over how stupid I was! He is close to retirement now. Alimony did not take into account the taxes I would have to pay. Again, I hadn't realized this would happen much less how much I would have to pay. I let the tax thing go because I felt I couldn't take care of myself. I now have installment agreements for 2011 and 2012. With the penalties added on every month I don't think I will live long enough to pay this off. Out of the $3200.00 monthly alimony, $700.00 goes toward the current years tax and THEN almost $300.00 is subtracted to pay my installment agreements. That's $1000.00 less that what I agreed to, with Mr. Rickett's advice and approval. To be honest I also receive disability in the amount of $800.00. Some people say that is a fair amount to live on. Yes, I get by but I can't afford to buy anything extra, like new clothes, gifts for other people, etc. My car is 14 years old and on its last leg. I have had to pay for new tires, mechanic charges when things have to be fixed, and overall maintenance. Yesterday, I literally watched what looked like the car's entire oil supply stream out onto the ground. I worry how much it will cost to fix this? There were also two errors in the final divorce paperwork. Mr. Rickett and his staff do not care about you at all. Mr. Rickett does the least work as he can get away with. I am going to register my complaints to the California Bar Association. I'm pretty sure nothing will come of it but I want this perfidy on record. Shame on his law firm for keeping him on staff. Do you really think his record is overall "good". No. And his employers know it!! This is a strong word but I hate this man.

  • David Rickett - Great Attorney - Better person

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Every time I needed something, David was there. He was great in mediation and was very calming when I went off! I would recommend him to friends and family and he really seemd to care about me and my family and not money!

  • Terrible Mediator who didn't listen and didn't know his job

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I had a required mediation with this attorney to try and solve a marital dissolution that had been dragging on for 2 years. He didn't listen, was poorly prepared and was worse than I thought possible.
    I was advised by his office to prepare a brief to describe the case and submit it 24 hours in advance for his review. I also advised his office that I should not be in the same room as my ex and her attorney as they were a possible threat to me.
    When I arrived for mediation, he insisted on us being all in the same room to start, which was the opposite of what I was told would happen. Then, David said he hadn't read the brief I furnished. He knew nothing about the case and picked a non issue to start with. I proposed a global settlement that was based solely on no spousal support going forward and our each paying our own attorney fees - since their harassment cost me my job. This was all to be non-modifiable. That was the basis for everything.
    So, I agree to everything they want only to learn that David has forgotten to tell them about the no spousal support and her paying her own fees clause! He kept saying, "It's 99% of the way there."
    Then, hours later, after I have caved to everything they want, he mentions that he hasn't addressed the no spousal support and no attorney fees.
    I had lost my job.
    I tell him that was the basis for the entire deal, I had told him it multiple time so he goes in a tells them and they walk out of mediation.
    David did not listen nor prepare and his mediation style was terrible and ineffective.
    How could he have missed the entire point from the beginning and wasting my time?