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Hans Albert Gillinger

About Hans Gillinger

About me

HANS GILLINGER specializes in representing students with disabilities against their local school districts as well as in related civil rights litigation. 


In 2004 Hans began advocating for the special education rights of children and young adults while in law school. Graduating in 2005, he began at a law firm in parent practice. While serving his special needs clients, he performed extensive legal research and analysis of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the California Education Code, and implementing federal and state law regulations. During these first years of his practice, he represented clients’ interests at individual education program (IEP) meetings and through due process from filing for due process, through mediation, to the due process hearing. 

Uniquely, Hans brings this prior parent practice experience together with the years he spent representing school districts and Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPA) at all stages of special education disputes including the OAH and federal court. Hans comes to The Law Offices of Hans A. Gillinger from the prestigious defense firm Burke, Williams & Sorensen that has served the needs of California public entities and joint power authorities since 1927. Knowing how school districts and their counsel evaluate cases, the reasons justifying a higher settlement offer, and the situations that compel school districts to fight as well as those that inspire cooperation with parents, enables Hans to obtain superior client outcomes. 


Throughout his time in practice, he has represented both parent and school districts at due process hearings, and thereafter before federal trial courts and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Hans has consistently obtained favorable outcomes and prevailing party status for clients. He works with clients with numerous disabilities, unique needs, and individual goals. He has received endorsements and recommendations from clients and stakeholders in the field of special education with some available for review at:



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