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Steven Abraham Wolvek

About Steven Wolvek

About me

Established in 1990 I have been providing quality legal representation throughout California to thousands of clients. I have office locations in: Bakersfield, Calabasas, Culver City, Fresno, Long Beach, Oakland, Palm Springs, Sacramento, San Jose, Torrance and Valencia.


I handle Bankrutpcy Cases, Accident Cases, Family Law Cases, Business and Civil Litigation Cases. 


So why choose my firm?


1. We provide a free, no obligation telephonic consultation.

2. Clients are NEVER charged during their case for calling and asking questions.

3. Clients are NEVER charged when I need to call them to discuss their case.

4. My fees are reasonable and I offer a payment plan when required.

5. A detailed analysis is done on each case before a client retains.

6. Clients are ALWAYS updated immediately about their case status.

7. Because I will fight for you to achieve the best possible result. I am assertive and fair.