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Stephen H Heller

About Stephen Heller

About me

At the Heller Law Firm we handle personal injury cases and concentrate on the needs of the person. Stephen has over 33 years of experience protecting the rights of individuals who have received a variety of injuries.

The Heller Law Firm is qualified to handle all types of personal injury claims including:

Each of these methods of injury takes an experienced attorney to be able to build a case that will best represent you and recover the damages that you deserve.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
TheCaliforniahighways and interstates are often the site of car accidents. Many people are injured due to circumstances that are out of their control. Brake defects and blown tires from tread separation can cause a car accident or vehicle rollover. The lawyer you choose to represent you can make all the difference in the world.

Trucking Accidents
California is second only toTexas for the state with the most trucking accidents in theUnited States.Californiahas many highways and interstates that are full of tractor trailers. Due to their large size and slow response time, semi trucks can be responsible for major injuries or even death.

Medical Malpractice
Although healthcare in world class, physicians and doctors still make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes can result in harmful results to the patient or even death. Failure to diagnose a disease or condition, mistakes in surgery or improper care are some examples of medical malpractice cases.

Failure to Diagnose Cancer
Cancer, in many cases, can be cured. It is important to catch the disease at an early stage to increase a person's chance of survival. Doctors who miss or improperly diagnose cancerous tumors can affect a persons chances of beating the disease.

Slip and Fall
Wet floors or protruding wires can be the cause of tripping or falling accident. This may result in a broken hip, torn ligaments or other serious injury. If you have fallen on someone else's property you may be entitled to damages for the pain and suffering that you have endured.

Products Liability
If you were injured using a faulty product the manufacturer may be responsible for your medical bills and may need to compensate you for pain and suffering. Mechanical failures, improper designs and failure to provide proper use and safety information could all be grounds for a products liability case.

Pedestrian Accidents
Whenever a pedestrian is struck and injured by a car, truck or bicycle it is important to contact an attorney to find out your rights. In most cases a pedestrian is protected by the law if they are hit by a moving vehicle, whether you were in a cross walk or not.

Wrongful Death
Unfortunately our loved ones are sometimes taken from us sooner than we expect. If you have lost a loved one due to an accident it is important to have the proper representation to make sure the responsible party compensates the family for the loss. Recovery for lost earnings and most importantly, the loss of a loved one is a complex situation and requires a lawyer who is dedicated to complex litigation. At this time in your life you need a compassionate person who is also a skilled attorney. 

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