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Maya Shulman

About Maya Shulman

About me

Maya Shulman has been exclusively practicing family law for over a decade. Her clients are pleased with her caring yet efficient approach. Keeping costs down and matters out of court through mediation have saved her clients thousands. However, when litigation is needed, Maya has the smarts and fortitude to get the job done. Maya's goal is always for her clients to have a more positive family and financial outlook through her efforts. 

Shulman Family Law Group is located in Calabasas, CA. Typical clients include high asset and high net worth individuals, business people, homemakers, entertainers and professional athletes. Maya's experience includes litigation, mediation and collaboration in all areas of dissolution, paternity, domestic and international move-away custody cases, adoption, post-divorce modification of custody and support adoption and assisted reproduction technologies (ART) and family formation law including surrogacy contracts.

Maya is greatly concerned with humanitarian needs, and has represented numerous low-income litigants through the non-profit Vincent Family Law Center in Los Angeles. Maya also lectured and trained the staff of Haven House, Inc., an organization assisting battered women and their children with legal representation regarding child custody and domestic violence matters.

Maya sits on the Editorial Board of Los Angeles Lawyer magazine, the publication of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.


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