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Marriage of Roe

Case Conclusion Date: 07.31.2008

Practice Area: Divorce and separation

Outcome: Complete victory

Description: Feinberg & Waller was successful in blocking their client's (wife) husband’s attempt to reopen their previously-entered divorce Judgment. A successful Southern California businesswoman thought she had put her divorce behind her until her former husband attempted to reopen the divorce Judgment. Her ex-husband filed an action with the court seeking to set-aside their Judgment and reopen the divorce in his attempt to get more money from his ex-wife. He claimed that he didn't know what he was doing at the time, was operating under the undue influence and fraud of his wife and that he was under extreme duress. The family law office of Feinberg & Waller prevailed over the husband’s Beverly Hills divorce attorney, Patrick DeCarolis of Trope & DeCarolis. In a decision rendered by Los Angeles Superior Court Family Law Commissioner Amy Pellman, the husband’s request to set-aside the Judgment previously entered in these divorce proceedings was denied. The Commissioner cited several failures on the husband’s part to prove the elements necessary to sustain his allegations, including failing to establish any factual basis for setting aside the Judgment.

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