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Marriage of Doe

Practice Area: Child custody

Outcome: Complete success

Description: And if you as a vigorously contest this matter involving any 14 year old child, whose father created an environment that the child found so intolerable that he ran away to his mother's house. Prior to this event, mother and father had been sharing and 50-50 custody. There were allegations of substance abuse, narcissistic behavior, violent mood swings and physical violence, allegedly existing and father; father alleged that mother is an alcoholic whose violence prone environment led to the destruction of her relationship with her (now) adult daughter. The judge, at the conclusion of several hours of testimony, including testimony from the 14-year-old child, concluded that the father's behavior was primarily "self centered" as opposed to "Child Center." Father is now visiting his child on alternating weekends, as opposed to his 50-50 timeshare previously enjoyed.

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