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Raffy Mikaelian Boulgourjian

Raffy Boulgourjian’s Legal Guides

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  • What to do when your landlord gets foreclosed upon

    Tenants are usually the last to find out when the property they occupy gets foreclosed upon. A landlord has no legal obligation to inform their tenant of an impending foreclosure. However, I can speak to the rights of a California tenant caught in such a situation, and the ...

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  • Can Bankruptcy Save Me From Foreclosure?

    I am repeatedly asked, What is the fastest way to stop a foreclosure? If you are facing foreclosure and have already fallen behind on your payments, have large amounts of credit card debt and are completely overwhelmed by debt, one of the most powerful tools available to you ar...

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  • Top 7 Myths About Loan Modifications; Separating Fact from Fiction

    You must be behind on your payments to qualify for a loan modification. This belief is patently false. However, the reason why this belief exists is because it was once true. Before the U.S. govern

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