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Malathi Benjamin

About Malathi Benjamin

About me

My goal is to provide people with the opportunity of making a better life for themselves and their children.

I have a strong multi-cultural background which I believe brings strength to my immigration practice.  Born in India, I have lived for several years in Sri Lanka, England, Dubai and, since 1995, the USA.  I have traveled the immigrant journey and am painfully aware of the anxieties and concerns of the process and the impact it has on so many areas of your life - from finding a job, to driving, to social security issues and so much more. 

 Having practiced law in England and in the Middle East where the legal profession is well respected I was concerned to find in the USA that lawyers are looked upon with some distrust.  One of the goals of my practice is to raise the reputation of lawyers, to be people driven and not money driven and to treat my clients with respect, professionalism and courtesy.  I am proud of the reputation I have of being approachable and of not holding back on the advice I give, even to prospective clients who have not yet retained me.


My leisure time revolves around people and nothing energizes me more than spending time with my friends.