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Man Removes Condition on Green Card Despite Quick Marital Break Up

Case Conclusion Date: 04.01.2010

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: APPROVED without interview.

Description: William's Story (Good Faith Marriage Waiver) William and his wife separated within six months of William becoming a conditional resident. This raised issues of whether the marriage was real (not used to obtain status for him) and visa fraud. William had to prove that the marriage's demise was not his fault. Heather helped William argue that he and his wife separated due to her her emotional problems and her anger with their financial situation given his new business. His wife left him and filed for divorce. It was a challenging case since the couple had not been together for very long when they separated. We also faced weaker bonafide marriage documentation because most of William's assets were wrapped up in his business, not spent on the marriage. Heather knew what he was up against and all he had to lose, especially since if he was deported, he would have to give up his chosen profession which was illegal to practice in his home country. His case was approved in less than six months. William writes of our services: “I chose you to represent me because I really liked the initial consultation. Heather was confident, trustable and warm. Also, she sounded very focused on the matter. The overall quality of the services was very good. Ms. Heather Poole is a great attorney. I would recommend this firm to others because Heather does a great job." * * * * *

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