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Vanessa Maria Terzian

Vanessa Terzian’s Legal Guides

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  • Protect Your Pad

    We unfortunately live in a very litigious society and many of us have been affected by a lawsuit threatening our assets. Of all my assets, I am very attached to my home and the memories my family and I have made there. Ironically, protecting your home from creditors and lawsuits ...

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  • Opportunity to Capitalize

    While many of us are desperate to find a savings account or CD that is earning something over .4%, there is a way for us to capitalize on the low interest rates aside from purchasing a home.The Wealth Counsel Quarterly had a good article reminding us that intra-family loans in ...

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  • Preventative Steps: An Overview of California Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

    With people living longer, there has been an increase in second marriages. In fact studies show that almost half of all weddings in this country are not first-time marriages. If you fall into this category, you can take some very important steps to ensure this does not happen ...

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  • Why Do You Need a Living Trust

    A Living Trust is a contract between you and your heirs in which you specify what you want done with your assets after your death. You can change the terms of this contract at any time while you are living and you maintain complete control over your assets. During your lifetime...

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