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Vanessa Maria Terzian

Vanessa Terzian’s Answers

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  • Do you need a lawyer to file a durable P.O.A? Or fill out durable P.O.A.with witness & notary signature ?

    Needing to take care of health decisions and paying Moms bills is a durable power of attorney what I need?

    Vanessa’s Answer

    You need a durable power of attorney for financial matters as well as a P.O.A. for the Health Care. They are two separate documents. You may be able to get a P.O.A. from a hospital near you. Regarding the P.O.A. for financial matters, there are a lot of different forms out there and the power you are given can be broad or more narrow. It can be effective immediately or only upon incapacity. It is best to see a lawyer to help draft a POA for financial matters.
    Both should be notarized.

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