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Vincent Walter Davis

Vincent Davis’s Legal Guides

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    A temporary restraining order is a remedy issued prior to final disposition of a case. Its function is to preserve the status quo and to prevent irreparable harm pending the hearing of an application for preliminary injunction on notice. A temporary restraining order has the same...

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  • Ways to Avoid Probate

    While many people are not sure of what probate is, many assume correctly that it is something that should be avoided under most circumstances. Probate is the process by which a deceased persons estate is transferred to the decedents beneficiaries. Probate can be and usually...

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  • Fight Back Against Abusive Employers

    ISSUES IN THE WORKPLACE In these tough economic times, employers are taking advantage of workers. It pretty much goes without saying that we all want to keep our jobs. And jobs arent just about the money. Along with a job comes self-esteem, often times some co-workers that are o...

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  • A Brief Introduction Into The California Tort Claim System

    Sometimes the government does something to cause you harm. Such injuries can run the gamut and can include torts such as failing to place a stop light at a dangerous intersection, neglecting to fix a damaged sidewalk, a police officer engaging in excessive force or a social worke...

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