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  • Can I request reimbursement for 50% of monies spent by or on behalf of my ex husband through bankruptcy court post separation.

    I am a pro per in my divorce, can not afford an attorney and been denied attorney fees. My husband filed bankruptcy after we separated. The BK court allowed him used of 200K to pay his living expenses and approved payments to his bk coun...

    Curtis’s Answer

    "Can I request a judgement for half of this money"
    Money already spent?
    Are you saying it was fraud on the community? How?
    Have you considered the benefits to community property due to the bankruptcy filing?

    If there is that much money involved, how can you afford NOT to have a good family law attorney?

    Get legal help without delay.

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  • Can you claim bankruptcy on court fines ordered and restitution?

    I had been ordered to pay restitution and fines. this is over a 10 yr. period. Now my income tax refunds have been taken, my bank account leveed, and wages garnished. this amount is over 50,000. There is no way I will ever be able to pay that ...

    Curtis’s Answer

    You bring up an excellent reason that an accused should generally always fight the case as there cannot normally be fines or restitution if you win.

    Bankruptcy section 523(a)(7), (13). There was a document signed in 2011 that made restitution a general tax liability. (see link below) (IRS had to agree to take on the restitution files and put them in its system)

    I am assuming that your restitution was federal if they have been taking your federal taxes.

    The agreement means that if you had to pay $1000 per month, and even if you are not behind, the government will take your $5000 tax refund and credit it at the very end. (and not disrupt your payment schedule with the court.

    You may want to check your dependents and exemptions calculation to see if you are over -withholding.

    Curt Harrington
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    Property) Attorney & MBA (562) 594-9784 ---

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  • What is the statute of limitations in CA for a Misdemeanor? At the first hearing, the DA could not find him for appearance.

    My husband was arrested for drunk, disorderly and resisting arrest. They did not do a field sobriety test or blood test, we wish they didd. Never given his rights, denied counsel despite numerous requests. Denied his heart attack med. while in c...

    Curtis’s Answer

    For clarification, you wrote " They sent a letter giving a ten day response time to the old address from five years ago." and this seems to have been interpreted that this happened 5 years ago, but i interpret it as an address that you HAD five years ago; am I correct?

    You need to hire a civil rights and criminal attorney IMMEDIATELY. If contact is not made, this can blossom into more problems. I also suggest that to get more responses that you put your question under criminal and civil rights and tell WHEN he was arrested and WHEN the day to appear is set.

    Good Luck. and please re-draft the facts to make it clear when they occurred.

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  • Can a California Chapter 7 Trustee sell my home without paying me my wildcard exemption of $13,000.00

    I inherited a home from my parents that is paid for. On title is myself and my three older brothers. I applied my remaining WildCard Exemption of $13,0000.00 to exempt my 25% interest in the property. The Trustee has filed a Motion with the Co...

    Curtis’s Answer

    Hire an attorney.

    Did your brothers indicate to the trustee that they would take $1500 apiece? If not, how did the trustee formulate that amount?

    Your facts were conspicuously silent on the total value of the home....

    Hire a lawyer without delay. At the below link are California Bankruptcy Specialists for Fresno County.

    The first one listed (Bedoyan) is immediate past chair of the California Board of Legal specialization.

    The second person listed is the the U.S. Trustee's office and I would not bother him if I were you.

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  • How can you get a consent from the Judge and Prosecutor to shorten a sentence?

    I was told by a lawyer that recent change in the law, will allow the mandatory portion of the sentence can be shorten with the consent from the Judge and Prosecutor. And I want to know how can my boyfriend go about getting this done. He is serving...

    Curtis’s Answer

    In 1994, Georgia state Senate Bill 440 (SB 440) which gives the Superior court exclusive jurisdiction over youth ages 13 to 17 who have been arrested for one of seven violent offenses, otherwise known as the "Seven Deadly Sins," including murder, rape, armed robbery (with a firearm), aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy, aggravated sexual battery and voluntary manslaughter.

    Your question is in the Federal Crimes section and should specify Georgia State, instead. Re-ask the question in the state section.

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  • What jobs can an ex felon hold in VA? What degrees are the best to pursue?

    Hello, my boyfriend was charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics when he was 19 years old. He is just about to leave prison and is excited to start school in the fall. He was wondering, what degrees could he pursue? Is there a degree that w...

    Curtis’s Answer

    What about academia? The fellow who founded Kwanzaa had been a professor at CSULB for like 30 years. You can look this up. Don't necessarily look for the shortest cut from the shortest schooling to the highest paid job.

    Part of this is putting one in a position to garner the type of public support that one needs to advance. The more people vote for you the more legitimate you become.

    It is unfortunate that one who might have preferred to remain private has to sally forth every day with your record exposed. In some respects, the prior trouble (with the law in this case) can be used beyond the counseling function and help to form a more amazing story.

    What if he pursued a PhD in education and became chancellor at a CSU school? What if he is good at math and became the department head at U.C. Berkely? or George Mason? What if he is good at analytics and physics and is one of the people who helps find the God Particle?

    Take an aptitude test and see if you can discover the hidden propensity.... Don't look for the quick cash, that is typically what gets people into trouble.

    Good Luck with his life path....

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  • How likely is extradition from Mexico to US for real estate misrepresentation/fraud for 200k and charge of forgery?

    Please don't judge, possibly not guilty but because of a few serious tragic events in my life and health effects I don't want to deal with a case and want to start a new life in a new country. Thanks for your help.

    Curtis’s Answer

    You didn't mention the strength of the case, or whether there are others involved, whether you had been indicted yet. Nor how long you have been living in Mexico, AND whether or not the IRS might also be involved (and whether or not the activity and its profits have been timely filed on a return).

    Don't answer the above. These are factors to consider on strength of case (which you didn't give an opinion).

    Hire an attorney without delay

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  • Would a federal sentencing document, sentencing motion, or complaint contain prior criminal history?

    How much information on criminal history can be found within the federal docket?

    Curtis’s Answer

    PreSentence Report has historical bad acts, whether or not resulting in a conviction. How else can the sentencing recommendation be computed?

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  • If some one is arrested for 211 robbery and accepted a plea bargain for 12 years how can u get that time reduced?

    Other person included in the robbery got sentenced to 2 years although he had priors. person who accepted plea bargain for 12 years has no priors. Inmate serving 12 years was charged with robbery on two counts, inmate only knowledgeable of one c...

    Curtis’s Answer

    Why was 12 an acceptable deal then, but not now? What has changed?

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  • What can be the possible consequences and how can we avoid jail time?

    Individual was stopped on a warrant on unpaid ticket for driving on. Suspended license and was also booked on charges of possession of drug paraphenilia and I think also controlled substance

    Curtis’s Answer

    (1) Hire attorney without delay
    (2) Fight the case.

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