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Thomas Glenn Martin

Thomas Martin’s Legal Guides

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  • 5 Tips - How Do I Incorporate My Business?

    1. 1. Consider organizing your business as a limited liability corporation (LLC) to reduce your personal risk in the business o LLC allows owners (members) to operate their business without the

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  • 5 Tips - Do I need a Will or Living Trust?

    1. Take an inventory of your assets and liabilities o Make a list of all of your assets. Remember to include any insurance policies, real estate, retirement accounts, and any other investments.

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  • 5 Tips - What To Do If I'm Getting Divorced?

    1. Try to reach a negotiated agreement before going to court o Judges often allow the negotiated agreements between the parties to stand. You will get more say as to what you want if you negotiate

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  • 5 Tips - What Do I Do If I'm Arrested?

    1. If you are suspected of a crime, Remain Calm and do NOT answer questions * Ask the police officer if you are under arrest. If no, then you are not obligated to answer any question or remain ther

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  • 5 Tips - What Are My Bankruptcy Options?

    1. Consider if you really want a bankruptcy * Bankruptcy has the potential to dramatically alter a person’s life. Before deciding on bankruptcy, first consider the consequences of bankruptcy as wel

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  • 5 Tips - What To Do About Your Social Security Benefits?

    1. Check if you are eligible to receive Social Security o You are eligible to receive Social Security after you turn 62 if you had worked a minimum total of ten years, which is forty quarters of cre

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  • 5 Tips - What To Do In Event of Wrongful Death

    1. Check if you are the person to bring the suit A wrongful death lawsuit may be brought by an immediate family member or the appointed personal representative of the deceased’s estate. Immediate fa

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  • 5 Tips - What To Do If You Are Injured...

    1. Discover the Source of Your Injury and How it Occurred. The source will differ depending on the type of injury you received. o For vehicle collisions, the source may be a flat tire

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