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Sara Watson’s Answers

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  • Do traffic violations carry over from other states? Like my husband got a ticket in michigan then today got one in ohio.

    Also, in michigan, is a lane violation in a commercial truck concidered a misdemeanor?

    Sara’s Answer

    Under the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, state DMV’s are allowed to communicate with each other. Which means, a driver's home state is likely to find out about something that affected their license in another state, if that person's home state is a member of the IDLC. The Interstate Driver’s License Compact is signed by 45 states who have an agreement regarding information related to certain driving related offenses. Each state that is party to the compact may suspend, restrict, or revoke the state license belonging to the driver. The five states who do not belong to the compact are Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

    You should consult an attorney who practices in the state from which your husband's license was issued.

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  • Wht are the charges if you caught in sting operation for prostitute charges. .

    I picked up online date,and when i went there and paid . it was a sting operation. please let me know what are the charges and how much is the fine? does it stay on your record?

    Sara’s Answer

    New Orange County policy with respect to 647(b) charges is to not reduce these types of charges. The DA's office is recommending 10 days jail for a first offense, 30 days jail for a second offense or 90 days for a third offense. Be prepared get an attorney who is not afraid to go to trial!

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