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Michael Kevin Cernyar

Michael Cernyar’s Legal Guides

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  • Top Tips for Domestic Violence Victims Treated Unfairly

    Many victims of domestic violence do not like the way they are treated by the prosecution and/or the police. The victims thought that they would be treated fairly, with respect and dignity but they w

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  • Pro Bono Attorney -- How To Find One

    One of the more common questions is how to find a Pro-Bono attorney. Here's a few helpful tips. What is a pro bono attorney? The term pro bono is Latin meaning "for the good." The term is used to de

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  • The Prosecution's DNA Profiling Is Dubious At Best So Retaining An Attorney Who Knows DNA is Crucial

    DNA profiling used in criminal cases many times contains errors, miscalculations and on many occasions is fabricated in order to obtain the results that the prosecution desires. Your defense team wil

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  • What To Do When the Cops Come A'knockin

    This is a short guide to assist you in what to expect and how to answer the police when they show up.

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