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Patricia Christine Van Haren

Patricia Van Haren’s Legal Guides

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  • Financial Experts in California Divorce

    When spouses divorce in California, financial experts may be needed to place a value on certain assets to ensure an equal division of property. Real estate, vehicles, jewelry, art, and collectibles that have appreciated in value, and also business assets must be appraised. Financ...

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  • Two Cudahy Officials to Plead Guilty to Bribery and Extortion

    In the small southeastern city of Cuday in Los Angeles County, you wouldnt expect your local officials to be pleading guilty to bribery and extortion, but thats exactly what former Mayor David Silva and head of code enforcement, interim city manager and head of parks and recreati...

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  • How California Fathers Can Protect Their Child Custody Rights

    In matters of child custody rights in California, “the best interests of the child" is the typical measure for courts’ decisions.

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  • What Does a Qualified Domestic Relations Order Do?

    Californias community property law for equal division of property also extends to retirement accounts and a Qualified Domestic Relations Order is the tool that will transfer retirement funds from one spouses account to another. In normal circumstances any early disbursements bef...

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