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Deirdre Lynn O'Connor

About Deirdre O'Connor

About me

Criminal Trials

I accept a limited number of new trial matters in Los Angeles County.  New clients must be factually innocent and willing to take a polygraph.


Criminal Appeals & Habeas Petitions

I am currently accepting new clients for representation on appeal from their California wrongful conviction. (Not limited to Los Angeles County.)  Clients must be factually innocent.


Petitions for Actual Innocence - P.C. 851.8, 1485.55, 4900

I help innocent people secure a finding of factual innocence and, if applicable, compensation for time spent in prison.  P.C. 851.8 set fee; P.C. 1485.55/4900 contingency fee. (Not limited to Los Angeles County.)


Nonprofit Work

Most of my time is devoted to Innocence Matters, a nonprofit I founded in 2010.  We help secured freedom for indigent innocent people and we use the lessons from those cases to design preventative programs that will enhance the accuracy of the criminal justice system. Prospective Innocence Matters clients should follow the application instructions on that website.  Please do not contact me directly.

Photos and Videos

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