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L Christopher Arvin

About L Christopher Arvin

About me

I have a  passion for assisting clients with their estate planning needs - their future and their families.   I graduated from New York University School of Law - receiving an LL.M in Taxation.  NYU is recognized by all as being the premier Law School for this program, world wide.  My first case out of NYU with a very large law firm was handling the estate for one of the Firm's young female attorneys - her "estate planning" consisted of a 1 page holographic Will - while her very young children did receive their inheritance that was administered by the Trustee nominated who wonderfully cared for their financial needs, the large firm life insurance policy did not name the Trustee as the beneficiary, therefore the proceeds were wasted by the young mother/attorney's sister who was upset at the ex-husband, and wasted the entire large sum pursuing past-due alimony/child support that was not likely recoverable and ultimately was not, against the wishes of the Trustee and likely the young attorney.  My objective over the following 25 years is to not let this type of non-intended consequence recur, by making Estate Planning both reasonable and accessible for my Clients - avoiding th subject being "put-off".

Outside of law my passions are Architecture, Design, Travel U.S. and world-wide with Family, Tennis, Boy-Scouts with my son, and assisting my children as much as I can educating them and assisting them for their future in our great country.