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Victoria L Clemans

Victoria Clemans’s Legal Guides

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    IF YOU ARE ARRESTED AND IN CUSTODY (NOT DETAINED) YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO AN ATTORNEY. So many clients talk to peace officers because they think they are helping themselves when in fact, they are hurting themselves. Your words will be twisted, paraphrased and put in the officer's ow...

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  • What to do if you are pulled over by law enforcement for a DUI in Los Angeles

    DUI's are becomming more and more prevalent as the law changes. The blood alcohol content used to be 1.00 to be considered impairment. It is now .08 and some DA's are even trying cases for impairment at .05. This carries heavy penalties like a suspended license, heavy fines, alco...

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  • What to do if you are served with a restraining order

    How to handle the restraining order hearing You should not attend a restraining order trial alone, and should have counsel present. She or he will know the evidentiary rules and your viable defenses

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