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Joseph John Shepherd

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  • Failed on Two Tries

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I first brought an H-1B case to Mr. Shepherd in 2013 for a management position. He insisted that he was an easy case if it was accepted. Fast forward several months and even after my employee's case was accepted by the government, it was denied for not being an eligible position. After spending more money to fight the government, the case was denied a second time.

    In 2014 I thought I would give Mr. Shepherd a second chance but failed for another employee in a similar position. We once again fought the government and paid legal fees, only to be denied again. I expressed myself to Mr. Shepherd and his inability to obtain H-1B visas. I do not believe this man is a capable lawyer in H-1B visas.

  • An Excellent Attorney -- Highly Recommended!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Attorney Shepherd and his team worked on my immigration case, specifically adjusting my status to permanent resident. His experience and expertise in immigration law was evident and, ultimately, resulted in an approved application. Throughout the process, I found him to be responsive and thorough.

    Beyond his skill set, he is a friendly, caring and attentive person, which made me feel comfortable and that I was in good hands. Many thanks and I highly recommend him!

  • Joseph is a great lawyer. Highly recommended for your immigration cases. Hire him!

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Cody

    My experience with Joseph was great overall! He helped me through my h1b petition; it was approved so obviously he did his job right. The process did not go as smoothly as expected since there was a lot of waiting involved but it was not necessarily something that we could avoid. Throughout the process, he was helpful and kept me and my boss regularly informed. He was at times hard to reach but would get back to me most times. He also seemed genuinely keen on making my petition a successful one. Ultimately, I am happy and grateful that Joseph handled my case.

  • Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Joseph recently handled my adjustment of status from an O Visa to a marriage based Green Card. Not only was he highly personable and professional, he was always on hand to deal with any random requests and did so with knowledge, genuine care and flawless attention to detail.

    Over the years I've worked with several immigration lawyers, none of them would I recommend as highly as Joseph.

  • Transgender Marriage Petition

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bo

    Joseph is very courteous, professional, and knowledgeable of transgender & LGBT immigrant issues, which are rare qualities to find in a lawyer. I worked with Joseph on my marriage petition case this past year which went by incredibly smoothly! As complicated as the immigration system is for transgender immigrants due to inconsistent gender change requirements in different countries/states/gov't agencies, I, an FTM person from Thailand, was granted permanent residency in less than 4 months via marriage to my partner, a female-ID'ed US citizen. (We filed and were interviewed in Los Angeles.)

    I had a free initial consultation with Joseph in February/March of 2012, when I was desperately hoping for an H-1B work visa sponsorship to come through (I was transitioning out of the F-1 student status/OPT back then), which in the end didn't (nevertheless I had to say that Joseph is quite knowledgeable of work visas as well). One week after I became out-of-status, yet before I even started working with Joseph, he reached out to let me know about the new USCIS gender change documentation guidelines which were published on that same day. These new guidelines made the gender change requirements for immigration processes much clearer, becoming less of a guessing game (at that point I was a couple months on hormones and starting to change my US-based IDs to male). That was when I knew it was possible for me to ahead with the "opposite-sex" marriage petition, and undoubtedly I knew Joseph would be a perfect attorney for my case. In addition, Joseph generously offered a discount on my case - a significantly much lower fee than other lawyers I'd come across (some of them were unbelievably going to charge me for the extra "trans" research they had to do!).

    After the commencement of the case, Joseph helped my partner and I collecting documents for the marriage interview, going through each item (including photos and silly memorabilia that we were embarrassed about), and arranging them accordingly. Joseph had a very efficient system of arranging documents and ways to prep for possible worst-case scenarios during the interview, which made us much less nerve-wracked about the entire process.

    On the day of the interview, Joseph sat in with us during the session which went by quickly and smoothly. My partner and I were interviewed together, and the interview lasted under 15 minutes before the immigration officer gave me an approval letter on spot! Overall we filed in early August 2012, had my biometrics taken in early September, had our interview in late November, and received my green card in early December 2012. Everything was done and over with in under 4 months!!

    Joseph had been professional with my case throughout, and addressed the issues that came up on part of the law firm appropriately. I highly recommend Joseph especially for transpeople who are considering marriage petitions, as well as other queer folks pursuing family-based immigration benefits and work visas. Joseph deserves much praise for doing this important work wonderfully outstanding!

  • I-601 waiver and green card process

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jean

    I am an Irish immigrant living in California for 16yrs. In 2012 I married my partner of 16yrs and then my situation took a turn for the worse ,due to my lack of knowledge of immigration laws when we went to our interview we found out that I had broken the law by leaving and entering the states twice, both times overstaying my visa and the interviewer told us that my husband could apply for the I-601 waiver in order for me stay in the country legally.When we left the interview we were both devastated , if we didn't get the waiver I would be deported and our children would have to be uprooted from their lives here in America. That day I called a close friend who gave me their lawyer's number whom I called straight away and he told me that he would feel bad if he took my case as the I-601 waiver was notoriously difficult to get and wished me good luck. I then had 2 more recommendations who I called , they were reasonably priced but I knew that I would just be another file on their roster when I spoke with them , at this stage I was beside myself as I truly believed that I had no hope of getting this visa. As a last resort I called the Irish immigration centre in San Diego
    and they recommended Joseph John Shepherd . I called that same day and made an appointment .
    When I first met Joseph I was mentally prepared for the worst, but I walked out of that first meeting with knowing that I had finally met the right person who was going to be able to help me. At no time did Joseph make any promises's , I knew straight away that he would not have taken my case if he thought that he couldn't help me, but at the same time nobody can 100% predict that the outcome would be favorable, so I knew that if my outcome would not be favorable that at least I had the best person possible who could represent me and that I could do no more than that. From day one Joseph went above and beyond to make sure that we understood every step of the process of this journey. He interviewed us separately to jog our memories from events and timelines that had happened many years ago , was incredibly patient and kind when I couldn't remember certain things or when I got times and dates wrong, but with his patience and diligence he got all the information that he needed from us, we were never once left out of the loop and with every meeting came more hope , in what was a pretty dire situation. Joseph followed up on every meeting with an email just to keep us informed . When the day came to submit our application I knew that there was absolutely nothing else that could possibly be done, their was no stone left unturned by this man, I don't believe that there is too many scenarios where you can honestly believe that one person has given 100% of their time, knowledge and expertise,
    and that is exactly what Joseph gave , 100%.
    3 months later ,I am driving in my car with my 2 daughters ,Joseph calls ,he's on speaker phone and proceeds to tell me that my application was a success, well ,the weight that fell me off me in that moment was unbelievable and there was tears of gratitude and happiness all round. I honestly can say that with Joseph being our lawyer it was one the best experiences I have ever had working with a professional , in an industry that gets slated for lots of reason's , Joseph does his profession proud.
    It was a pleasure to have been represented by him. Like I said at the beginning , if the outcome had not been positive , I know that there was nothing more that could have been done and I would still feel that I was represented 100% by Joseph.
    My family and I wish Joseph the very best in his career , as we believe he is the best.
    Once again , thank you Joseph, if it was not for you our family would not be living our dream here in America.