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V. James DeSimone

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  • I am not being paid for all the hours that I work. If I work 80 hours I am lucky to get paid for 40.

    When I first noticed this I went straight to my boss and he said that there had been a glitch in the computer system and he would get it fixed and have HR send me another check with what I owed. This has now been going on for over 2 months and I ...

    V. James’s Answer

    This conduct is unlawful and you should consult a lawyer. You can find a lawyer in Knoxville, TN by consulting National Employment Lawyers Association. I believe you can find them at

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  • Employment/Labor Am I being treated unlawfully at work?

    I have been working at the same Flower Market in L.A., California for almost 4 years. I am rightfully employed to work in this country. I don't know much about California labor laws but I feel like something is not right. The shop is very larg...

    V. James’s Answer

    This conduct is unlawful. You and your coworkers should be paid overtime wages. However, you are better off confronting the situation after consulting with an attorney. If you wish to further discuss, please contact me at or call our office at 310 396-0731.

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