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  • Iraq vet and ex airforce firefighter is in desperate need of legal help regarding false restraining order.

    my son is in desperate need of legal help, just returned in oct of last year after 5 years in airforce, as firefighter, and 1 additional year contracting to provide financial stability for new born son who is now 1. he has offers to go back to ira...

    S’s Answer

    It is imperative that your son take affirmative action by seeking to set aside any temporary orders. If he does not, and a court should at some point learn that he had the opportunity to do so, may conclude that the allegations are true. Most judicial bench officers are able to see-through a lie, but they must be given a reason to do so. If the mother obtained an order based upon her lies, your son must give the judicial bench officer the opportunity to see the lie, and do justice. This will require an application to the court. Please call me if you wish me to be specific as to what must be done. Roger Rombro 310-545-1900

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