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Maneesh Sharma

Maneesh Sharma’s Legal Guides

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  • FAQs for estate planning in California

    This guide will summarize some of the common FAQs we get for estate planning. What is an estate plan? An estate plan is a comprehensive document that has a trust, a will, durable powers of attorney (f

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  • How to File a Small Claims Lawsuit

    This guide will take you the steps of filing a small claims lawsuit.

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  • What are the steps to mediation?

    Determine if mediation is required before suit or optional. When you sue someone, especially if based on contract, many times there is a mediation provision. This provision can state something like

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  • How health care professionals can minimize the chance of lawsuit and protect your assets

    Am I at risk? If you are involved in health care the chances are that you will be sued eventually or involved in a lawsuit. This is especially true if you are a physician, dentist, nurse (nurse anes

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  • Do your homework BEFORE purchasing a business

    What to look for when buying a business - Business documents Step 1: Look at the necessary documents - tax returns, cash flow statements, income statements, business plan if available, and marketing

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