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Cathleen Elisabeth Norton

Cathleen Norton’s Legal Guides

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  • California Child Support - How Is Guideline Child Support Calculated?

    Child supportin California is calculated based on 2 factors, primarily: 1) the income of both parents and 2) how much time each parent spends with the children. What is considered "income" for the purposes of calculatingchild support, you ask? The court may consider "income" from...

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  • Getting a Divorce? California Child Custody & Visitation Basics

    Many people believe that once they file for divorce, the Court will set a hearing date to determine custody and visitation of the minor children. Not true. In order to get child custody orders, one of the parties needs to file what is called an Order to Show Cause asking the Cour...

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  • What is a TRO?

    What is a TRO and how do I get one? TRO is short for Temporary Restraining Order. A TRO is a court order that can help protect you from someone who has abused or threatened to hurt you.

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