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  • I am a World Trade Center survivor. Do I have a case?

    I was at work at the World Trade Center when the disaster took place on 9/11/01. Since moving to California in 2008 i have had health problems. I signed up to the WTC health program and have been getting help for health issues related to the disas...

    Athina’s Answer

    Need more details about your case ... You need to discuss the issue with a lawyer in the privacy of a law office.
    There are many issues we need to explore in this point.
    Your job conditions then and now and much more.

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  • What rights do I have? Do I need his permission to leave?

    At the moment I live in CA. I am currently 5 months pregnant and want to move to FL as soon as I'm done with my clinical externship. The father of my child will be staying here when I leave.

    Athina’s Answer

    I agree with the other is a sensitive issue but as long there is no court order that prohibits you to move you need to do what you need to do...

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  • What do I need to start my business?

    I want to start a business where I will import home decor items, lamps and items of the sort. And, then sell those items on Amazon and/or Ebay. What forms will i need to submit, fictitious business name, seller's permit, business license, EIN, typ...

    Athina’s Answer

    If you want to be serious with your business you need to have the right start.
    You need to ask Business lawyers to guide and advise you

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  • Should I pay or ignore the speeding camera ticket?

    I got a speeding camera ticket (it was from a school zone, during off school hours, after 6:00 pm), the car that I was driving is registered under my husband's name, however, I'm an authorized driver on the insurance papers, should I pay the tick...

    Athina’s Answer

    a ticket can not be ignored...Is not going away...

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  • Do I need to be licensed in California to manage a rental property for a friend?

    Do I need a license in California to manage a rental house for a friend? He wants to compensate me for my time since he is out of state, but will make all financial and maintenance decisions. I will just be the local contact/management for repai...

    Athina’s Answer

    In reference to Property Management requirements in California

    A California property manager or management company must have a real estate broker's license.

    Key components of property management are considered a real estate activity under existing California real estate licensing laws. A broker's license is required for any person or company that, for compensation, leases or rents or offers to lease or rent, or places for rent, or solicits listings of places for rent, or solicits for prospective tenants, or negotiates the sale, purchase or exchanges of leases on real property, or collects rents from real property, or improvements thereon. A salesperson working under a broker may engage in such activities.

    There are some exceptions to the requirement that a California property manager have a broker's license.

    Certain exemptions apply. For example, certain functions can be fulfilled by an employee of a property management firm retained to manage a residential apartment building or complex, if that person is under the supervision and control of a broker who is also employed by that firm.

    For more information about these and other California property management requirements and exceptions, please contact the California Department of Real Estate.

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  • How do I find an affordable attorney for child custody?

    The mother has blocked all contact with her. I am unemployed so I can't afford much in the legal area but I don't know how to work on getting visitation/parental rights.

    Athina’s Answer

    just call and ask ..some law offices help you with paperwork and finally you can go to the FAMILY LAW CENTER in the court or the legal aid in your area

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  • What should I do?

    The side wall of my house has been damaged by my neighbor's water sprinklers. What action do I need to take to solve this issue? I already talked to my neighbor about it and she blamed it on her pool water leakage which made no sense since she ...

    Athina’s Answer

    need more information but appears to me you have a serious issue that probably goes long way back.
    Between others you have nuisance that created actual damages to your property.
    But if a neighbor is legally responsible for water damage you suffer, you may be entitled to any or all of the following:

    compensation for cost of repairs and replacements
    compensation for expenses such as having to stay at a motel
    reimbursement for medical expenses
    compensation for mental distress, if you have suffered an underlying physical injury
    punitive damages, if a neighbor acted maliciously.
    Judges also frequently order problems to be fixed if fixing them would be easy and inexpensive. Replacing a downspout, clearing away debris, or cleaning out a drain creates very little burden on a property owner. Judges are less likely to order someone to remove a retaining wall, relandscape property, or redo a culvert.

    Also Consider Homeowners' Insurance.
    Insurance in water damage cases is tricky. Contact your agent; your company may pay for your damage and then go after whoever caused it for repayment.
    The neighbor's insurance company might also tell your neighbor to correct the problem -- or risk cancellation of the insurance policy.

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  • Child support and spousal support

    I have a newborn and she will be 3 month on the next day of the court. I filed for temporary spousal support because I got laid off last year then found out I was pregnant and has been unemployed since. His attorney is requesting the court to ...

    Athina’s Answer

    you need to address the issue with the FAMILY LAW CENTER that almost every county and every court has.
    Go to the court and ask to guide you . Additionally you can address the issue with legal aid in your area

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  • What legal recourse can I take for the threats and challenges he is making publicly on facebook?

    My son after divorcing his wife got back together to try for the sake of their children than parted ways. She immediately started a new relationship with a man 20 years older than her and all of a sudden that new boyfriend started posting about my...

    Athina’s Answer

    need more information.....Posting in Facebook can be use in the court with the PROPER authentication process.
    But in this point your son can take legal action against that individual.

    To bring a defamation action the libelous statement must be examined . In order a statement to be defamatory you need to prove that:

    • The statement was published and read by a third party
    • The statement is not true
    • The statement was about the plaintiff
    • The statement harmed the plaintiff’s reputation

    Though it’s understandable to be upset by a comment that somebody may have tweeted or posted for all the world to see, it is important before beginning legal proceedings to address whether the cause of your concern does in fact meet all of these requirements.

    Good luck

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  • My exs Attorney lied in closed chambers in family court what are my options

    Opposing attorney lied about me in closed chambers. Serious lies and it's affecting my case now. My former attorney informed me. I want to know what are my options. The judge I am told believes the lies. Don't tell me there is nothing that can be ...

    Athina’s Answer

    need more information but ...there are procedures that can protect yourself from possible bias of a judge CCP 170.6 that a lot of lawyers do not like to use.
    You need evidence that can prove that your ex is lying...
    You need to talk with your lawyer extensively to advise you...Your lawyer and you know the case better than anybody else. Good luck

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