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Boris Zinovjevic Gorbis

Boris Gorbis’s Legal Guides

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  • Personal Injury In a Store or a Supermarket

    Volumes were written about Premises Liability. Yet, these are the hardest cases to win. Many cases are lost because victims do not know the pitfalls, buiding blocks and secrets of these cases. You may think that because something happened in the store, the Owners are liable. Not so. Read on to win!

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  • Personal Injury From Dog Attack? How to protect your right to be compensated!

    Attack by an animal, especially a canine, is always a terifying experience. Immediate reactions include pain, fright and anger. People get upset when attacked and often lose sight of future. To ensure your rights to compensation, this Guide helps you deal with the attack from a legal perspective.

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  • How to Handle a Billing Dispute

    Common sense is essential in handling billing disputes. If there is a problem with bills or invoices you receive, calling by phone to resolve it does not always work. You have limited time to do what is necessary to protect yourself and to seek a resolution. Read on!

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