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Stephen G Rodriguez

Stephen Rodriguez’s Legal Guides

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  • Sentencing Alternatives to Jail/Prison

    What is Alternative Sentencing? As more and more prisons and local jails suffer from overcrowding, many states have begun considering alternative sentences to incarceration. These alternatives not only alleviate over-stretched resources and budgets, but also help ensure that the...

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  • California Insurance Fraud

    What is Insurance Fraud? Insurance Fraud is intentionally providing false information or hiding information in order to get a payment or some other benefit from an insurance company that would otherw

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  • California Criminal Statute of Limitations Law

    Why is there a Statute of Limitations in criminal cases? In general, a Statute of Limitations protects the defendant from having to defend him or herself without enough good evidence. As time passes,

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  • California Extortion Law

    How is extortion defined in California law? California extortion law is contained in sections 519 through 524 of the California Penal Code. The definition of extortion is contained in Sections 518, 5

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  • Domestic Violence: Can I Drop The Charges Against My Husband/Boyfriend?

    Can the victim "drop the charges" after alleging domestic violence? No. Once the police get involved, it is out of the victim’s hands. Once a person is charged with domestic violence, it is very diff

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